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So why is it that we love marquee weddings so much?

Creating a Statement || Outdoor marquee weddings make a statement and some of the most beautiful weddings created have been in marquees.

Providing a blank canvas || They provide a blank canvas to create something that is truly yours. Marquees give you styling freedom and gives you the ability to create something that reflects your personality. Warquee weddings have become a very popular option over the last few years, with people choosing to escape the city for their big bay and make it a unique experience.

Creating a venue anywhere || A marquee venue can be in so many places, lots of venues have room for marquee weddings. Also if you have a large garden or some land then there you go you have your marquee venue.

No Weather Issues || By choosing a marquee wedding you don’t have to worry about issues with the weather. Most marquees have sides, which makes ‘plan B’ easy if the weather decides to change last minute.

Kata Lane, NSW
Other things to consider when thinking of having a marquee wedding

There is a bit more to consider when having a marquee wedding, one being that it will cost more than your standard venue wedding. The fact being you have to hire everything, think tables, chairs, cutlery, plates, napkins. But also think how fun it is to be able to have exactly what you want! Non of these terrible venue chairs (Ok not all venues have terrible chairs, but I can think of a few. I won’t name them, but you know who you are!)

A couple of things to keep in mind:

Try and avoid those extra silk linings || Silk linings will cost you more and they are so old fashioned – keep the marquees bare, the frames are awesome, you can hang floral installations from and lighting from them!

Working out the size of your wedding marquee|| We usually suggest for sit – down receptions to allow 1.2m Square/guest and 0.75m Square/guest for a stand up reception. Then work out how much extra space you would like for a dance floor, bar, lounge area and anything else you would like to include within the final layout. It’s a lot to think about but thats why ‘The Bluebird Collective’ are here to offer you help with your marquee wedding planning.

There’s so many types of wedding marquees, classic white marquee, clear top marquee, tipi tent, stretch tent, Hampton luxury marquee, they are all gorgeous and awesome and will all give you the ability and freedom to create whatever you want.

Check out our Wedding Design + Planning page which will give you an in-site into how we can help you with your wedding.

Kata Lane, NSW

Here are some great marquee companies in NSW that offer various styles:

Kata Lane, Brookvale, NSW

Tipi Love, Davistown, NSW

White Umbrella Marquees, Botany, NSW